Vision and Mission"

  To become a premier institution in training socially responsible educators to make a vibrant educated society"


"We create leaders who will lead by their actions, educators who will make the literates in to educated, human engineers who will engineer child oriented policies, and visionaries who will share our commitment to lifelong learning and serving the society responsibly as agents of change in meeting the diverse human social needs"


  To develop unique teachers who excel in global scenario and realise the Indian concept of ‘Guru’.

  To develop quality consciousness among teachers.

  To create a strong affinity towards the national values.

  To become an international educational destination.

  To reorient teacher education to the needs of modern age.

  To promote faith in God and uphold Christian ideals.


  To equip the teachers to develop and practice innovative methods in teaching and evaluation.

  To conscientise the teachers about the needs of the society and nation and to act accordingly.

 To generate a new work culture for improving the practice of education through teaching, research and extension.

 To develop human values among teachers such as - love for fellowmen, tolerence, unity ,etc.

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